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About The Bridge

The Bridge Church is a congregation composed of believers from around the world united in our belief in Jesus Christ as Savior, Healer, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and Soon-Coming King.  As exemplified in Ezekiel 37, we believe the Holy Spirit breathes new life into our dead bones and creates in us a new nation, unified under the banner of the Lord God Almighty.  Located on Treaty Four territory of southern Saskatchewan, we are a Christian ministerial centre, offering outreach to our local community in the name of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

The Bridge Church seeks to partner with the Holy Spirit to provide supportive community for believers from all nations and cultures, and share the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people through corporate worship, non-profit childcare services, regional evangelism, prayer, hospitality, and interdenominational community outreach.

We at The Bridge Church seek to be learners, followers, and imitators of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to act according to His mandate given us in Matthew 28:18-20, to go and make similar disciples of all nations through love, compassion, and grace.  In so doing, we seek to embrace our role as a united, welcoming, and invitational new nation comprised of believers from around the world under the banner of the Lord God Almighty and care for His creation, both land and people.

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